Question on limiting queue sizes or tossing messages

I’m not a Broker user myself, but am working with a client who has an older version (4.x) and who is using it to get data to my application.

We would like to have my development environment subscribe to the production message feeds, but have encountered a problem:
If the development database is down, which happens periodically, the message queues get too large and crash the Broker. This is undesirable for a production messaging system!

What I’d like to do is to have the broker (for this particular subscriber) limit the queue size and toss additional messages out.

Does anyone have a way to do this? I apologize if my question is poorly worded, but as I said this is second hand from my client.

Use a new client group for your dev environment to use when connecting to Broker. Specify “Destroy on disconnect”. Then whenever your dev environment is not connected, nothing will be queued.

IMO, the “real” answer is to never connect a dev environment to production. The issues with doing so are many and varied.

Yes, unfortunately the data needed is realtime and only exists in production, so we have no choice but to pull from there.

I will relay the info on the ‘destroy-on-disconnect’, thanks.

You can pull the data from there, but not directly from a development machine. Get a “production-level” adapter deployed whose sole job is to capture the data and put it somewhere (DB, flat-file, whatever). Then replicate that data to a place where dev can get safely at it.

Treat the adapter like a the production item that it should be and you’ll avoid nasty surprises and getting SOX’d. :slight_smile: