Question on Custom SOAP Processor.

I am trying to build a custom soap processor and I am trying to implement a common SOAP processor for a bunch of services

Following is what I have done.
I have created a custom SOAP processor, registered it and is available in the Directive list when I am creating a WSD.

My Question is

  1. How can I automatically invoke the actually service which is exposed (mentioned in my WSDL) from my SOAP processor.
  2. if I have registered a Header Handler to the provider WSD, how can I invoke that also or should I make that call as part of my SOAP processor.

I am currently running 7.1.2, base version with no Patches / updates on it.

This is a very tedious task, and it’s built in out of the box in 8.0.

Instead of coding, I would take a look to the new version :smiley: