Question- How to determine BAPI parameters in WM 7.1.3

Need help to determine the correct objectName and bapiName parameters for the following function modules in SAP:


this is for use in plugin adapter
found in WmSAP package (WM 7.1.3 Developer)

I was able to back into these parameters for a few other SAP BAPI’s (function modules) using the SAP Adapter Lookup feature.

One example: For SAP Function Module BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS,
objectName = SalesOrder
bapiName = GetStatus

Are you using SAPAdapter7.1? May be SAP team can help regarding those specific modules inputs?

We are using webMethods SAP Adapter Mapping to be completed in webMethods Developer 7.1.3,

It’s not related to version anyways but those modules details didn’t SAP team gave you inputs to call (SE37)?

Are there any built-in functions in SAP Adapter 7.1 that will allow us to invoke a bapi via the SAP function module name (example - BAPI_SALESORDER_GETSTATUS)?

In the old developer (SAP-BC v4.6) we used a service named outbound found in the SAP adapter package (Build 610).

path >

this allowed usage of the function module name sent via parameter $rfcname.

Have found suitable replacement to handle BAPI calls. in WmSAP package allows use of SAP function module name via $rfcname parameter.

yes that would suffix the issue…thanks for the update!