Question about the variable padding

Hello to all, I have a question?

The value of variable padding on adabas, what happen if this variable it have value 0%, in those container ASSO and DATA?

I need orientation. I have this value in a 5%.

Thanks to all, by your disposition.

The question is about the padding factor

The padding factor just tells Adabas how much space (in % of the ASSO or DATA RABN blocksize) is to be kept “free” initially within each block.
So if, for example, a record located within a DATA RABN grows (for example an alpha field is updated with a longer string, or a new MU/PE occurrence is added), this record then just uses up some of the free space.
If the RABN is full (i.e. not enough free (“padding”) space is available) and a record within that RABN grows, it will have to be moved to a new RABN, and all pointers updated etc. etc.

If memory serves, the minimum padding factor is 3%; Adabas does not allow 0%.

Use 3% for files with minimal or no update activity. Adabas uses the padding area for record expansion within the block (not for new records). For example, changing a field value from “A” to “Zebra” would add 4 bytes to a record. The padding area is intended to allow the longer record to remain in the current block.