Question about API Gateway 10.3 Elasticsearch datastore and Elasticsearch destination in Azure version compatibility

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I have an API Gateway10.3 Elasticsearch compatibility question. Is it possible to use in the same instance embedded Elasticsearch (5.6.4 version) datastore and external Elasticsearch Destination (7.X version)? According to documentation this would be feasible but I don’t know if it will work in the same instance.

Is it possible to configure Elasticsearch Destination with managed Elasticsearch in Azure? Elasticsearch destination does not allow to indicate the CLOUD_ID parameter but Elasticsearch Azure endpoint includes CLUSTER_ID parameter.

The Elasticsearch Azure endpoint format is always: https://CLUSTER_ID.REGION.CLOUD_PLATFORM.DOMAIN:PORT

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Due to breaking changes made by Elastic between 5.x and 7.x you cannot use webMethods 10.3 with ELK 7.x.

You will need to upgrade your API Gateway to 10.5 or better if you want to use ELK 7.x.x or better

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Hi John

I think the first question by Luis Miguel is whether API GW 10.3 can use ELK 7 as ElasticSearch destination. The table he has pasted says so, because in its right column it reads “All Elasticsearch versions”. However, could you please confirm that API GW 10.3 can use EKL 7 as ElasticSearch destination?

And, of course, at the same time this API GW 10.3 would use a different, embedded ELK 5 as datastore. Could you please confirm this dual usage by API GW 10.3 of ELK 5 as internal data store, and at the same time ELK 7 as ElasticSearch destination, would be supported?

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You are quite right, you should be able to specify any ELK version as a logging destination.
Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you very much for your reply, John

The other question from Luis Miguel is whether the ElasticSearch destination in API Gateway can be configured to point to a managed ElasticSearch in Azure. It seems that to access ELK in Azure the endpoint must be:


And therefore it should be possible to configure this connection in ElasticSearch destination of API Gateway by specifying Protocol=https, hostname=CLUSTER_ID.REGION.CLOUD_PLATFORM.DOMAIN and port=PORT , isn’t it so?

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