How to use APIGateway Destination Elasticsearch

Hello everyone in the sag world!

I’m currently use version both of the webmethods versions 10.3 and 10.11 for IS/APIGW instances on Linux OS, and I have full customer license.

What I’m trying to achieve: I’m trying to connect API Gateway through the option apigw-dashboard > Destination > Elasticsearch. Previously I finished setup of two version of ELK, 7.* and 8.*. I have successfully tested connection from apigw to both of the elastic locations. I’m also created indexes from elastic/kibana console. I have defined log invocation rule on the API policy for some of my API’s in order to invocate log with log level frequency-always, but nothing come to the indexes on the external ELK dashboard.

In addition, I checked connectivity from Linux console with curl command and that indexes are visible from machine on which the apigw is installed.

Could anyone please give me an idea what I’m missing?

I must to mention that I’m not used fully externalized elasticsearch procedure, I’m just trying to use possibility of using elastic as addtional tracking location for API requests.

An important thing that is not clear to me: What is the right way to create index for that purpose, maybe I missing some option, like to define mapping etc.? I just use option PUT /index_name. I can’t find any instructions for that part anywhere.

Thanks in advance for your patience to consider my problem!
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Hi Milan,
Below links has the documentation on how to configure API Gateway with external Elastic Search. Hope it helps.


Hi Arumugam,

Thank you very much for your reply. I followed second option for the setup external elastic destination “Reverb”.
And I have no success. Strange thing is that whatever I put in the Indexname filed, idexname that exists on my elastic or some random text, result is always: “Elasticseacrh destionation test is successful”.

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