QueryDocument service

I am trying to receive an XML document in webMethods
Integration Server using the $xmlData variable into a B2B
flow service. I have defined a node as an input but I am not
able to parse the contents of XML into the variables in my
Flow Service. Can anyone help ?



Hi, Prateek.

This sounds like a debugging exercise. Answers to the
following questions may help you determine the exact nature
of the issue:

  • Have you confirmed that the Flow is being invoked?
    Turning up the debug level of the server is one way to do
    this. Another is to check the Audit Log, if your Flow
    settings are not set to “None”.
  • Is the HTTP POST sending the variable name exactly as the
    Flow expects? webMethods uses the variable name $xmldata
    and not $xmlData as you indicated in your post.
  • Have you used pub.flow:savePipeline at the start of your
    Flow to capture the pipeline contents when the Flow begins?
  • What are the pipeline contents at the start of your Flow?
    If the pipeline is empty, your Flow is not being invoked.
    These are some preliminary steps. Hope it helps you get