Query reg adapter service for 61 to 65 upgrade

Can somebody please decipher it for me.
The “webMethods_Integration_Server_Upgrading_from_6.1_to_6.5.pdf” says
----In previous versions of the Integration Server, you configured an adapter service or a polling notification to use the same connection as an adapter listener. However, this connection sharing led to an unstable situation where you received intermittent errors stating that a Transaction is Active, and required the Integration Server to be rebooted. Documentation for the adapters stated that you should not use the same connection for an adapter service and a notification or adapter listener, but the adapter did not prevet you doing so------

Does that mean that in 6.5 i cannot use same adapter connection for any notification as i use for adapter service??..have tried creating this and it lets me create notification and adapter service using the same adapter connection.

thx in advance,