Query Multiple documents in TN

Is there a way we can query multiple documents in Trading Networks by using transaction analysis?

Sometimes we have a huge volume of failures and would like to validate that certain set of documents are processed fine. Is there a way we can query the entire bulk in one query and not query each document separately?

Thank you

You can query failed documents by the user status of ‘DONE W/ERRORS’ for any failed documents in TN.

Thanks for the response, we are however looking for searching multiple document id’s at the same time. Many of them are not of the same status. We have this scenario specially when there is an ERP system failure etc
Any advice please!


How about using a Document Attribute? If there are documents that you want to display together in a query, you can create an attribute for those document types and make sure that the attributes are set to the same value.

For example, all documents coming from your ERP system could have an attribute called SourceSystem set to ERP. You could then query the transaction analysis for all documents where SourceSystem = ERP by using the Custom Criteria.

Just an idea.

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