Query for WMPROCESS table

Hi WmExperts,

I have a query regarding WMPROCESS table which logs the activity of the running instances for process models.

Since WMPROCESS table logs all the history of actions being performed for each process instance depending upon the process transition documents, for example if one step passes the transition document to next, a new entry will be logged. Now in case of multiple entries and when the process model completes properly… I can see only last entry (most recent added into table) is getting updated as ‘2’ but the remaining one lying as ‘1’ i.e. started… is this normal functionality?
ofcoarse WMPROCESSRECENT table has the single entry for the most updated status.

Please educate me on this.


I did some research and find out that for every status change, a new entry is being logged in WMPROCESS table with the same instanceID with different contextID.
So multiple entires in this table for a single instance is normal functionality and if we purge the data from MWS or from developer, it will remove all the entires for a particular instanceID.