Query alarm from its custom attributes

Hi All,

We have a scenario where we are adding custom fragments to the alarm which is allowed by the API. But to fetch alarms based on custom fragment is missing in the API spec. So, I want to know if its available and missed to add in the API spec or is it not possible to fetch alarms by its custom fragments?

You can perhaps use the query/filter function. for example I added an alarm with this custom fragment…

I can use this query…

…and I get back…

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Thanks @Stefan_Witschel , @Robert_Neale for your quick response.
It was really helpful.

And @Robert_Neale is it documented anywhere because I was not aware that query can be used on alarms. Can it be used on events ? Well, I tried but did not work on events. It would be helpful if all these information is documented.


Should work for any type of managed object.

Yes its mentioned for managed object but not for alarms and events.

The functionality is not available for events, and should be used carefully with alarms as it is not a very performant search. This is why it is not documented.