How to read the FragmentSeries from an API call

I have developed a service that retrieves a list of custom measurements using the MeasurementService:

  async getModeMeasurements(startDate: string, endDate: string){
    const filter = {
      dateFrom: startDate,
      dateTo: endDate,
      type: 'mode',
      pageSize: 2000,
    const {data, res, paging} = await this.measurementService.list(filter);
    return {data, res, paging};
  catch (error){
    console.error('Error occurred while loading the device description: ', error)

In my component, I want to call this method and then read the ValueFragmentType to execute some conditional logic based on its value. The ValueFragmentSeries can have 1 of 6 types:

private getModeUsageByDate(startDate: string, endDate: string):void {
      .getModeMeasurements(startDate, endDate)
      .then((result) => {
        var len: number =;
        for(let i = 0; i < len; i++){
          // Get ValueFragmentSeries
          //    [case logic]

Is it possible to extract this information?