Queries in String Table and Conditional mapping


1) How to convert String Table input type to Document List?

Problem description is :

Write a service to take string table as input and convert it into document list.

There is one built-in service “stringListtoDocumentList”. But I couldnot find anything from StringTabletoDocumentList.

2) How to show conditional mapping between 2 variables?
There are 2 input variables : price and quantity. Output variable is Amount. Amount is product of quantity and price. How to depict this using mapping?


Hi Asawari,

Sol1 )
Give string table as inarray for Loop.
Inside loop string table will become stringlist, then you can invoke built-in-service: stringListtoDocumentList

in map step invoke a service pub.math:multiplyInts.
map price TO num1
map quantity TO num2
map Amount TO value

Puneet Saxena