Queries about adding 2 documents as input


While creating a flow service,

  1. How to add two documents simultaneously as an input ?

  2. I want to use a Document List as an input in one service. That Document List was an output from previous service. So can I use it? If yes, how?



  1. Please explain in detail.
    Do u want 2 documents as input?
  • U can use array of documents (document list)
    Do u want 2 add documents before next use?
  • U can use appendToDocumentList method
    Do u want 2 merge those documents?
  • Really?

2)YES, U can.
U can use output of one service as input to other service.
Create 2 services first. One creating document and second which consumes that document. And then use these 2 services in another service in sequence and use then map the output to input.



My question is :

I’m creating one flow service which takes two documents as input.

  1. Doc1 which has 3 fields
  2. Doc2 which has 4 fields

How can I go for it?


Asawari Doshi,

U can use Input/Output section of flow service to declare any number of inputs.

U can use Document, DocumentList, DocumentReference or DocumentReferenceList in the Input/Output section, depending upon your uses and needs.

Is this information solve your query?


It didnot.
There are 2 ways by which I can add input for service.

  1. By clicking on “Input” combobox and select Existing Document as input. If I try to select next document as input, it asks me as “Do you want to replace specification?”.

  2. Another way is add New Document as input by selecting Document as data type. There I can add multiple documents as input, but that won’t allow me to add existing docs.

So I got confused how to add 2 Existing Documents.

Let me know if I’m missing out something.



   You can’t add multiple references to the input/output tab. If you want to add multiple document as input/output then don’t take the reference rather simply copy the existing documents and past it in the input/output tab.


If you’re using a service specification, you cannot change the inputs/outputs. Which specification are you using? Using specifications is somewhat limiting and is normally not done, though in some cases it is very helpful. Do you know why a specification is being used in this case?

Select Document Reference as the data type.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re saying, this is incorrect. You can most certainly add multiple document references to the input and output tabs. One should never copy a document type definition/structure into an input/output tab without an incredibly compelling reason.

Please let me know if I misinterpreted your response.