'Qualified' element forms in WSDLs from Mediator

Hi all… This is my first post so apologies if answer to this question already exists… i couldn’t find any!

When a virtual service (VS) is deployed onto Mediator from CentraSite, the WSDL generated in the mediator for that VS has all field names as ‘qualified’…even though the XSDs used to generate the signatures of the related web service had default elementForm as ‘unqualified’.

what this means is, we have the following generated for all fields in the mediator WSDL:

<xsd:element form=“qualified” name=“abc” type=“xsd:string”/>

When importing this WSDL into SOAP UI, the resulting field becomes sch:abc123</sch:abc>… this prefix ‘sch’ is not desired… and there was no prefix when I had generated the provider web descriptor on the IS.

Is there any way I can avoid this ? What I would ideally want, is this :

<xsd:element form=“unqualified” name=“abc” type=“xsd:string”/>

Please let me know if I can do something to get the desired results.
Thanks for reading through this!!