Purpose of Audit Loggings

Hi webMethods Gurus,

Can anybody tell me little bit about Audit Loggings since i have never used that. Like the purpose of that and what are the things keep in mind while using that.

Hey Taz,

I wasnt sure how well Audit log would be used but I know few advantages where Audit log finds very helpful like When someone tries to modify something in the logs (wm/IntegrationServer/logs) like Server log, Error log etc., then the modifications/changes will be displayed as Warnings in the Audit log. For instance, I deleted few lines from the server log located in the folder mentioned: wm/IntegrationServer/logs and those modifications have been displayed in the Audit log.

Also when the settings of the Adapters (MQ, XSLT, etc.,) are changed, they will be logged in the Auditlog.

Expertise: Plz correct if I am wrong and/ missing something.