PubsecurityutilcreateMessageDigest hash value

I can get a byteArray from this built-in service when I feed it a byteArray from a file. I presume the hash value represents the checksum (in this case using MD5 algorithm) for the file. (Is that a correct assumption?) Presuming my assumption is correct, I need to see the checksum in human readable format, and have tried doing bytesToString using different encodings, but cant get it to work.

What am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

Have you tried default encoding with “autoDetect”

Yes … I have tried autoDetect.

Do you need to read the hex digits or do you just need it in text format?

If the latter, then running the bytearray through pub.string:base64encode should work.

Tim … sorry for just getting back. What I need are the hex digits.

Any suggestions?

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