Publishing to ActiveMQ

While trying to publish a message to a queue on a remote ActiveMQ provider, i am supplying the destinationName as ‘queue3’. I have configured the JMS alias and JNDI settings on the IS and using the pub.jms:send service to send the message. When doing this i get a NamingException:

Unable to send message to JMS provider "localActiveMQAlias": javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: queue3

As a workaround, i qualify the desitnationName with the JNDI lookup value for dynamic queues so it looks like this: “dynamicQueues/queue3” . This way the service executes successfully, and i am able to see the message arrive in the queue.

In the output of the pub.jms:send service when i see the generated value of the “JMSMessage/header/JMSDestination” field, i see that it is “queue:\queue3”. I have also tried to use this same value in the destinationName field but have been getting the same exception.

So, how can i send a message to an existing queue without creating it on the fly?

webMethods IS 8.2, JMS Adapter 6.1, ActiveMQ 5.12.1


I didn’t see ActiveMQ on the supported MQ product list on the installation guide.
pls check with SAG support first.

Hi Janardan,

do you really require the JMS Adapter?

Since wM 7.1 there is a build in feature for connecting to JMS.

See IS Build-In-Services Guide as well as JMS Client Develoepers Guide for further information.


Thanks for you replies. I dont have any particular requirements. I was just playing around evaluating options and ways of doing it.