Publishing Messages from Webmethods to Azure Event Hub


I am new to SAP and webMethods. Currently we have a system where webMethods are pushing data to Staging SQL server data, We want to move this to real time data architecture using messaging.

All i am interested in, is there a sample where i can look. How one can publish messages to Azure Event Hub using webMethods directly ? Publishing to Azure Service Bus would also works.

Thank You

AFAIK, webMethods Integration server cannot directly connect to Azure Event Hub (JMS) out of the box but you can write custom java code either by using native API of azure or JMS API’s.

Check if Azure supports the AMQP protocol if yes then you can go ahead with Universal Messaging as AMQP support is currently tested with the QPID library.

Let me know if you have any questions, I can share some more details.

Thank You Mahesh, Yes Azure Even Hub does support AMQP Protocol

Could you share any sample from published article or blog that i can forward to our integration team as a reference.
Thank you

Here you go!

On a note, if you want to use AMQP protocol with UM then you need to have the required license with this feature enabled.