Publishing Message from one server to another

Hi all,

I am stepping up in webmethods with your help.Can anyone suggest me how to send a jms message from one Integration server and Retrieve it in another?

Please explain it in a step by step manner…

Thanks in Advance

Hi ,
I am also new to this technology, but using JMS, firstly u shud hav,

  • JMS Trigger
  • Canonical Document, which u need to send as a msg.
    The data send via JMS will be in queue.

If u have any problems, kindly do reply now…


You would use a MessageConsumer, MessageRequestor or JMS Adapter Notification to retrieve messages from a JMS queue or topic.

The first two allow you to retrieve one or more messages from the JMS destination programatically. The notification causes a Broker document to be published when a message arrives in a queue or topic you are monitoring. You would then create an IS trigger to invoke a service to process the JMS message after mapping it from the broker document published by the notification.

Still any probs???


Thanks Abishek…Sorry for the delay