Publish/Subscribe issue

Hi frnds:)

This is my first post to the forum…

Am a new bie to WebMethods,I am working on V6.1.
Am trying a simple Publish/Subscribe appln using JDBC adapter.
The application goes like this…

  • Have created an InsertNotification
  • Created a trigger which is triggered when a record is inserted to a particular table in a database and triggers a flow which inserts another record to another table.

The issue is that even though all the services run individually without any error,there is a problem when i run the flow service.I dont get any errors but NULL is inserted to the the table

I use MSSQL V8 and have also installed MSSQL 2000 DataDriver for JDBC.

I did check the logs for the same(using pub.flow.tracePipeline),the values are present in the publishnotifydocument, but NULL is being inserted into the table.

Can someone help me get out of this problem.

Thanks in Advance


How r u mapping the notification document to your insert statement in your flow service ?


The flow service takes the publish document as the input.
In the flow service I have the adapter service that inserts thew value into a table.

I just gave a link for the fields that I needed.

Drag n drop…thts what i`ve done to map

Hi Sangeetha

The fields datatype(VARCHAR …) of the pubDoc should be same as the insertInput

You could also check in the input pipeline the notification document name should be same as the notification document published when its triggered.


Yes have done it in the same way…
The values in the server.log file is correct…but it is inserting NULL…;(


Inserting NULL…indicates that mapping to your insert AS fields is not working.Please step thru in your subscribing flow service until insert and make sure the inputs fields has the data before insert calls,probably you will find the root cause.let us know the results.


Hi rmg,
I checked the same,the value before inserting to db is null…but i donno y…
This is the trace i`m getting in Server.log file

— END tracePipeline —
0 insertSampOutput = null
2 pubId {java.lang.String} = ‘KiyWLbl8kDI3ZfiO5_O41mssDGc__DefaultClient’
2 recvTime {java.util.Date} = ‘Thu Apr 06 09:57:57 IST 2006’
2 enqueueTime {java.util.Date} = ‘Thu Apr 06 09:57:57 IST 2006’
2 flags {java.lang.Integer} = ‘16’
2 age {java.lang.Integer} = ‘0’
2 trackId {java.lang.String} = ‘c3ee9f412ff80ba610a2448514d6_1144297677916’
2 uuid {java.lang.String} = ‘c3ee9f412ff80ba610a2448514d6_1144297677916’
2 businessContext {java.lang.String} = ‘wm6:b99989c0c52511daa624a45bca03c709\snull\snull:wm6b99989c0c52511daa624a45bca03c709:null:IS_61’
2 activation {java.lang.String} = ‘wm6b99989c0c52511daa624a45bca03c709’
2 locale {java.lang.String} = ‘urn:icontext:webMethods’
1 _env {} =>
1 empName {java.lang.String} = ‘ddd’
1 empId {java.lang.String} = ‘999’

0 folder:insertNotifyPublishDocument {} =>
— START tracePipeline [4/6/06 9:57 AM] —

ok…Can anyone give me a brief explanation as to how to implement a simple Publish/Subscribe appln using a single IS.
So that i`ll verify what am doing is right or not…

Hi Sangeetha

I am not exaclty sure what the error is ? RMG could surely help !!!

Try to refresh the JDBC Adapter services. Then re-map the data in the flow service and run it again , Hope this helps.

A simple pub/Sub is what you have already implemented ,i.e on any insert into the database table where you configured the webmethods trigger , an insert notification publishable document is fired which is subscribed by your flow service.


Should the Input document to the Flow service be the NotificationPublish document or a document tht references the NotificationPublishdocument?
Actually i tried both the cases…none worked;(
And jeevan i refreshed n tried as u told…even then …;(((

Hi Sangeetha

The input document to the flow service should have the complete namespace of the publishable document.

When it creates a publishable document when creating the insert notification trigger u could copy the same and paste it to u’r input tab. So it automatically references to u’r pubshiable doucument


Ya Jeevan,i`ve given the same.
When i try to run the trigger alone…I get this error msg

Could not run ‘TryTrig’. [ISS.0085.9169] Could not validate data corresponding to publishable document: Dept1:InsertNtfyPublishDocument

TryTrig is my trigger name
InsertNtfyPublishDocument is the notification document under the folder Dept1

And wat does this error mean

“Can’t start a cloned connection while in manual transaction mode.”


You should set subscribe service input with publishable document name as is like
Dept1: InsertNtfyPublishDocument (Dept1: InsertNtfyPublishDocumentReference)…Did you set like this only?


Hi rmg,

I am too facing the same issue. For some reason the data is not mapped properly.

The data is not retrieved from the pipeline.


when I tested the trigger , it gives the following error:

"Could not run ‘insertTrigger’.


Any thing missing in the trigger like publishable docname,sub service call??

Please check it.


Hi Sangeetha

Check the input document name as RMG said, where u have to give the fully qualified path of the notication of document.

– “Can’t start a cloned connection while in manual transaction mode.”–

here the trigger already is processing a request and u must tried again too many times trying to to test the trigger , thats why I think the error popped up. A simailar error had once come to me.


Have given the right name…
Dept1:InsertNtfyPublishDocument which is of type document reference referencing the document InsertNtfyPublishDocument
and how do i come out of this error

Could not run ‘TryTrig’. [ISS.0085.9169] Could not validate data corresponding to publishable document: Dept1:InsertNtfyPublishDocument

Hi Sangeetha

Try to reference the document InsertNtfyPublishDocument
and set the name Dept1: InsertNtfyPublishDocument as u stated and try once more.

Also re-map u’r flow service also was hase this incoming data