I am trying to validate a XML file against a schema. When i use public.schema.validate, for the input parameter conformsTo, it asks for the fully qualified name.

My schema resides under say folder.subfolder.mySchema.

Now in the fully qualified name i write as folder.subfolder.mySchema. It is still not able to locate.

Please suggest.



I guess it should be in the format of folder.subfodler:schema


Yes, i did mention in the same format. But still it gives an error - object doesnot exist.

OK, i guess you are not specifying the package name. if you are, start from the first folder inside the package. Do the spell check once again of the folder names. i know small problems waste most of the time in development.


Better you could copy on record and paste into confirmTo value.

SKK and Krishna,

thanx a ton. I did the same and it worked fine.
Actually the mistake i did was, u need to have a “:” at the last and not “.”