PubflowgetTransportInfo for Email port returns HTTP

I’ve setup an email port and have a service that gets invoked. All i want to do is receive the email along with its attachment. Save the attachment to disk. The first step in this service is a pub.blow:getTransportInfo. I am receiving HTTP information and not Email information.

Does anybody know if there is a setting of some kind that needs to be set on the email port to ensure it returns email information?


what kind of Attachment you are receving (flatfile,or .dat or plain textfile)?

pub.flow:getTransportInfo service will just give the underlying things like email headers,attached filename,contentType etc…

So in the Global service you need to set some input (say for example flatfile then set ffdata stream object).

Please review the thread below.Since we also had an issue regarding the receiving the flatfile attachment via Email and it is resolved now.