pub:smime:createSingedData throwing error

I have created a flow service making use of all inbuilt services for email digital sign. But I am getting an error in service pub:smime:createSingedData as

“[ISS.0086.9050] Invalid private key information”

I have placed all my private public keys in pub folder in IS. Certificate keys are in .der format.

IS version is 6.5

Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

In the Admin->Certificates->Edit Certificates Settings check for the correct private key file and that it is valid. Preferably use cer coded certificates. Its easy to convert them.

This issue comes when your Server’s Private Key file has either been corrupted or is invalid. Recheck the file. And i am assuming this to be a scenario of an outbound transaction i.e from your Server to outside world.