Pubclientftplogin version 61


I want to know what is the difference between timeout and clientTimeout for pub.client.ftp:login. I look into IntegrationServerBISReferemce.pdf but the clientTimeout into the service in is not there.


For those who may come across this thread later, IS_6-1_Fix23 changes the service signature of pub.client.ftp:login and pub.client:ftp. Fix23 has undoubtedly been superceded by subsequent fixes/service packs.

The readme for that fix describes the new parameters. The timeout parameter (old parameter) controls how long IS will wait for a response to the intial connection attempt. The clientTimeout controls how long the established session can be idle before IS will close the session. A background sweeper thread runs periodically (controlled by to close sessions that have been idle for the clientTimeout period.

Keep in mind that most FTP servers also close idle sessions on their own based on their own settings. So an idle session will be closed by whichever side has the shortest idle timeout setting.