lock issue

Hi Experts,

We are facing the below issues when trying to get the config value stored in a xml config file.
[b] Exception encountered trying to create shared lock for target/b,
exception(java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of
range: -5)
and some times this issue Cannot aquire the lock

IS details:
IS - 7.1.2
JDBC Adapter - Version 6.5 and Fixes applied are JDBC_6-5_Fix19 & JDBC_6-5_Fix21

Please let us know the cause of these issues and let us know how to fix this issue.

Satish :shock:

Hmmm…this has more to do with design and oracle than webMethods. See how this setup works is that say i want to update a record on a table using the webMethods JDBC adapter. Now when the actual write operation needs to take place what the jdbc in the back end does is it gets an explicit lock on the row or table. Now for instance is some other service is reading data off that table at that exact moment the write operation would fail as it cannot acquire a lock on the table as the other service is already locked the resource.

Just double check if there is any other service trying to use the same table where you are trying to write data into.