pub.remote:invoke ( in a LOOP

Hello All,

i am working on a FLOW Service which provides me information about certificates in a tustStore from remote IntegrationServer. In my test scenario I am having 1 Remote IS with two trustStores.

In my FLOW Service I am LOOPing over a List which contains remote_IS_Name and remote_TrustStoreAliasName.
These 2 Inputs are used as Inputs for “pub.remote:invoke (”.

It seems that the “remote_TrustStoreAliasName” for “” is only getting 1 of 2 “TrustStoreAliasNames” and in my output i get onle certificates of the first “TrustStoreAlias” twice.
So the i dont get the certificates from the second TrustStore.

Any idea why? It is a session problem? time ? or something else ?

Thank a lot in advance.
Best regards

Can you debug your code, probably you might be passing same TrustStoreAliasName both the times ? If possible share your flow service to find any issues.



dropping the variable was not enough. I am now clearing the Pipeline to get my expected result.