Hello any support is greatly appreciated.

I am adding to a current flow to update a specific group in LDAP using the built in services within webMethods.

The issue I am running into is the following; the ldap group I am updating has many object names called ‘member’ & from the flat file I need to update the member object class keeping the existing member field names. So basically the ldap object class (member) is a list and I am adding to the list. How would I go about doing this using the LDAP Public update flow?

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If you are using 6.5 or higher of IS, you should consider using pub.client.ldap:modify. The services in pub.ldap have been depricated per the documentation.

Build a service to retrieve the existing user information from the ldap. The current list of groups can be retrieved and moved into a string list. You can then add to the list and update the ldap with it.

Hi, thank you greatly for your quick reponse. I will attempt this and let you know my out come.

Thanks again.