pub.json:documentToJSONString conversion issue

when using the “pub.json:documentToJSONString”( to convert the huge IData object(nested document structure) into the JSON string) I have observed only partial content is coming(ending with dots “……”)

Am not sure what is the limitation over hear.

Can any one help me, How to

handle this scenario ?

Are you sure it is truncated, how are you visualising the result, Designer ?
or are you writing the file somewhere and looking at that ?

Hello John Carter,
Yes it is truncated and Identified from designer ?

Thank you,
Charan K

That is probably just Designer which is doing the truncating, you will probably find that the entire string is in memory on the IS side. You can verify that by writing it to a file. I think you are probably okay.


Hello John Carter,

Yes that’s correct. In file it is showing exact JSON content.
Thank you for your quick help.

Charan K

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