Hi Guys,

I’m using pub.jms:sendAndWait to get a synchronous responses.

I would like this service to wait for certain milliseconds and resend the message if the response is not received with in given time. Can’t find any relevant parameter in default IS server config file <wm_home>/IntegrationServer/default/config.

Can you please advise if this can be done, if so where can I set this config?

Kind regards,

Please try using a repeat block with this service and if response is not retrieved in the given time repeat the service.


Hi Raja,

use the parameter waitTimeout of the sendAndWait service to configure the wait time.

You will have to make sure that the message is only processed once at the receiver side.
When the receiver is not able to reply in time it will have to rollback the message.

See IS Built-In-Services Guide for further informations on the sendAndWait service.