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Could you please advise how to use IS method ‘pub.flow.getSession’?

There is a very little documentation available in the build-in services guide.

I am aware of the session object in CAF/Java J2EE where in the object keeps the user session information.

But here in ESB, im not getting the purpose of getSession method as I believe the ESB services are stateless methods.

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getSession can give you session id for a particular service context from the server when it started and it’s very useful utility when you want to monitor or track a particular service session.

HEre is the sample of a custom Java service for getting session id

IDataCursor idcPipeline = pipeline.getCursor();

Session session = Service.getSession();
String strSessionID = session.getSessionID();

idcPipeline.insertAfter("SessionID", strSessionID.toString());


@ Raja

Agree with RMG… :slight_smile:

But what is your requirement here?? Can you provide more information??