I'm trying to search a documentList with a value from another document.  I tried using the pub.document:searchDocuments service with a key : GXS_Control_Number_record/ControlNumber, Value :

%Arrow_Control_Numbers/UNB/ControlNumber%. I’ve tried different combinations, but nothing works.

Has anyone used searchDocuments service? Any help would be appreciated.

Using Software AG Designer 9.7

Can you try giving only ControlNumber as a key without a value and with a value.


I am using with success searchDocuments using the 8.2 version.

The searchDocuments interface looks like in the attached image.

You map in the documents input the list of documents that you want to search and you map to the searchCriteria/key the name of the field from the document.

Example: - let’s say you have the following document
- FieldA
- FiledB

The list[MyDocuments] will be mapped to the documents input.
searchCriteria/CompareStringAs=(string|numeric|datetime) (I used string)

Hope it helps,
Vlad Turian


Mahesh / Vlad,

I did what you guys recommended and it worked. 

Thanks for your help, Fernando

Hi Guys,
Is there a way we can use this service to search on a document list inside a document list.
For ex. I have a document list MyDocuments1 and another list inside it MyDocumentsList2 and I need to search for a field in the sub document list.

I tried doing it the way explained above and it seems to be working for a field under MyDocuments1 and not on the sublist.

Please let me know if there is a way we can achieve this.

Hi Sravan,

you can loop over MyDocument1 and perform the search for MyDocument2 on each instance of MyDocument1.

Beside that you might want to take a look at the XML-Query services under pub.xml:* if it is possible by using the right XPath-Query.


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i want to search a substring in tag.could someone suggest me a way to get all the tags content when the specfic substring is matched .

2009-12-12T00:00:00 2000-12-12T00:00:00 2000-12-12T00:00:00 let's say i want to search Day from the all tags and store the content of the relevant could i do it?i have used regular expressions and other different ways but i didnt get that ,could someone suggest me a way?