pub.client:soapRPC with different xml format

hi there

is there any way the pub.client:soapRPC have two different targetOutputSignature document?
In my case I get different document type for one web service that i called. And i can’t predict which document I’ll get from the service.



First, don’t use SoapRPC if you need to create services that are interoperable with non-WM clients. Numerous posts on the reasons for this elsewhere at wMUsers.

The only way I can think of to support this is to create a container document that contains a document type reference to each of the potential doc types that might be received. Common practice is to configure each of these as optional and to add a text variable that is used to identify which of these are included.

Other than that approach of emulating the XSD choice model, I can’t think of any other way.


Thank’s for your advice, i’ll try to find the thread about soapRPC.

i’m using soapRPC because it’s default method from web connector creator of webMethods. I got the wsdl file from the other vendor to connect to their server. I think the easier way is to create web connector.

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mendakan cara lain deui teu?