pub.client:soapHTTP and pub.client:soapRPC deprecated services

As per the SAG document pub.client:soapHTTP and pub.client:soapRPC deprecated services doesn’t have replaced services. Do we need to go for custom services to replace them ? Can you please share your ideas on this ?

I assume both of these services are replaced by “pub.client:soapClient”. Please have a look at the BIS guide. Moreover deprecated services still exists on latest version (at-least v.98 as I am aware) but the deprecated services are not officially supported and no fixes will be provided. Customer will need to review their codes and make quite some changes if they intend to replace their services with soapClient as there are many changes between from 8.2.2 and the previous versions for web-services.

Hi Kritaa,

I agree with Mahesh.
This is already true for wM 7.1.

Please share your wM version.

Additionally the deprecated services might not be abler to handle the latest spec versions for SOAP Protocol.

During our migration from wM 7.1.3 to wM 9.5 SP1 we had to revise some of our WSDL and recreate the appropriate WSD-nodes due to some restrictions in the WSDL-specification versions, which were not checked by wM 7.1, but were checked by wM 9.5 SP1. Even the pre-8.2-compatibility mode did not help here in certain cases.


Mahesh and Holger thanks for the information.

We are planning to move from 8.2 to 9.8 we may move to 9.9 also.