pub.client:soapClient POST or GET?


Does the service pub.client:soapClient use method POST or GET when sending a message to a url?

Kind regards Mikael

It should be POST.

There are several reasons why the only usefull answer is POST.
Also POST was orignially the default method defined for SOAP calls.

As you know a GET requests include all required data in the URL.
The URL itself as “meta data” is visible in all systems between your
client and server, especially when calling to the internt / cloud or via a
proxy server this is not necessarily a wanted behavior since it disclose
potenitally your data. This also prevents SSL to do it’s job to protect it.
Last but nto least the URL is limited in it’s length and also has special
requirements for the data encoding. This all makes the POST methods
the better choice.

You might want to have also a look here:
[url]IBM Developer

Thanks a lot for confirming this :slight_smile: