My requirement is to do a GET on the APIs provided by Elastic Search by passing search parameters in the body as JSON. From postman, am able to successfully query Elastic Search API (Attached a picture). I want to consume same API from webMethods by passing the query body (NOT as query params). So, I am using ‘pub.client:http’, but am unable to figure out how to pass the query in body. Can some one help me on

  1. Is ‘pub.client:http’ right service to consume an outside API thru GET by passing query in body
  2. If it is correct service, how to pass query in body?
  3. If it is not correct service, which is one correct service provided by SAG.

You can pass the json request in the field “data/string” to convert the IS document to json string use “pub.json:documentToJSONString”

Refer the service details from the link:

I don’t think service pub.client:http supports body for method get.
I used to develop a elasticsearch adapter, and I’m using post instead of get for query.
That works as well.

Thanks for the details, good to know that, looks like a limitation for me. I can run a quick test for the GET method passing the request body. I will let you know the results.