Proxy server SunOneiplanet with internal server as webmethods


This question is more about iplanet proxy server . We are trying to use iplant proxy server in DMZ for our webMethods environment. All the requests will be routed throught the proxy.

My problem is that I am able to redirect the url from proxy to our internal webMethods server but the content type that comes with the message is not being passed to webMethods server and content-type being passed is always text/html.

I have this mapping

[url=“”][/url] ----->> [url=“”][/url]

When I post data to [url=“”][/url] with content-type text/xml it is being passed to url [url=“”][/url]
fine but content-type is text/html and hence causing the problem.

Is anybody using same environment? Please let me know how do I pass the same content-type as it comes in.


Hello Kushal,

When you are mapping are you using any servlet/class on the proxy?

If so, try to force the encoding. Say you have a servlet on the proxy that is invoked by the proxy when it encounters text/xml. Then it resubmits the payload to webMethods server by encrypting the content type to “text/xml”. This was you can ensure that the mime type is save, by hard coding it.