Pros and Cons - UNIX versus Windows Server 2003 64bit


If I had to do an upgrade from 6.0.1 to 6.5, which will be the better option (regardless of what products/adapters we may have)

  • UNIX based platform ( if so, which? Solaris?)
  • windows Server 2003 64bit

What are the Pros and cons fo each environment?
I have a couple of leads already, just want to know what you think.



Most of the wM customers go with unix OS flavour (HP or SUN) which has adv like robust performance/thoroughput/HA etc… to get better results…Windows could do it but cannot beat unix.


I see many customers using Windows Server 2003 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux in production. I don’t think its accurate to say that “most customers” use HP or Sun unless you have some stats from WM to back up that statement. That statement certainly runs contrary to my customers preferences for Windows, Linux and AIX.


I’ve asked webMethods many times this question. Solaris and Windows are the two primary platforms by customers.

They do not have a strong demand for Linux at this time although it is growing. Last time I checked which was back in August only a handful of customers were using it. I do suspect it will grow though. We are looking at it pretty hard ourselves. We are currently Solaris. But our ops group is pushing us to Linux.

To answer the overall question, webMethods is a lot of different products. All of their products are not fully supported on all of their platforms. The first step is to look at your current and future product list and make sure it is fully supported on the platforms you are evaluating.

Next I would talk with my IT operations folks and see where their preference and skillsets are. If you are a primary Windows shop, bringing in Solaris came be a difficult challenge. Sames goes if you are Unix and you want to bring in Windows.

webMethods has also published a number of performance papers comparing Solaris, Windows and Linux with different configurations.

As far as the OS wars go, my opinion ( and that’s all it is) is that Linux, Solaris and Windows will be the dominant platforms for server based OS’s.

Thanks a lot to all of you, this discussion is very interesting and althought I have seen preferences on both UNIX based and Windows side. I think my research was right, it really comes down to the skillset and supported products.

Thanks to all.