ProgressAnim on white background in iOS

Hi Glenn,

Perhaps this will bring more complexity and you should take care of the order of displaying the elements and the order of removing them.

Basically for us the default progress element worked fine.

Hi Jesper,

In our app we center the progress element inside a nUIWindowDisplay.

Additionally we do some tweaking as well a transparent background(so that the UI looks disabled to the user).

You also should tweak the progress element dynamically for each screen resolution, or you will end up with HUGE progress element on hi-res Androids.

For iOS you should be OK just to center the element and change background of the nUIWindowDisplay.

So you could just create a semi transparent square, or rounded square (even provide a PNG) and position it in the centre of the screen before showing the progress anim.


Hi Jesper,

Currently, the progress animation just displays in the default colour of each platform. A suggestion has been made previously to add a setColor option to this, but it hasn’t been prioritised to be implemented. You can change the position of the element though by using the regular setX/setY functionality.



Hi Community,

Can someone share a tip on how to get a dark squared background on the nUIProgressanimElement in iOS? It should be similar to the one used in Phoney.

When I use the suggested code to create the onCreateProgressWindow the nUIProgressanimElement ends up in the top right corner and is almost impossible to see because my app has a white background.