Program Natural accessing FTP

Good Afternoon!

I need to know if I can write a program natural to access FTP.

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First, and important, question: what operating system are we talking about here ?


Ok, what environment ?

  • Batch
  • CICS
  • TSO

Does your site have Entire System Server available ?
If yes, the documentation for the SYSTEM-COMMAND view has an example on
how to trigger a FTP.

The environment is CICS.
I need to do through a natural program for AJAX, and for a specific situation, to check whether a file exists on a server on the low platform.

So you are using the WebIO CICS adapter to act as a backend for Natural for Ajax ?

No, there is no direct way of running an FTP session from within CICS, and it’s not a
particularly good idea either, the usual way of doing this is submitting a batch job
for the FTP.

Is there no better way, like a RPC call to the server, asking for the file status ?