Processing HTML emails sent to wM

Dear Experts,

Good day!
I have a requirement where I need to process email sent to wM and process it. Basically, the data I need is inside the table. I already completed this requirement. However, when the business changes the format of the email, my service cannot process it. So this is more on “flexibility” question.

Basically I have email listener port configured, I use pub.flow:getTransportInfo to get the information from the email and created document that contains email body structure. See attached file (HTMLBodyStructure). I found out that for me to be able to make this HTML to Document, I used two service flows:
pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode and pub.XML:xmlNodetoDocument and I just loop over to the structure I needed for me to be able to get the values. See attached file (Flow).

This is where I get the problem, when user changes the structure or just " forward" some email that contains this value, I am not able to parse it correctly. Is there any way I can enhance my service flow and make it more flexible?