Processing files dropped off by FTP

I’ve notice that when we put files to TN via FTP the “put” from the remote host stays open until the rule for the document is finished executing. This presents a problem for the ftp connection as the files get larger.
One resolution I came up with was to have the rule just change the status of the doc and NOT execute any service. Then I schedule another service to look for docs with that status and process them. To me this seems a bit redundant. Has anyone got a better work around? My solution creates the possibility of unnecessary delays in processing the documetns.

As I write this I’m thinking delivery queues may be the solution I’m looking for.


How about setting the action on the rule to run async? With this, the doc is persisted to the DB and control returned to the calling service right away and then the action specified by the rule will be run later in a new thread.

Hi Rob - just wanted to ask if you’ve noted any problems with running rules async. We had issues with empty bizdocs being passed to processing services - these went away when we made all our rules run synchronously.

Have not run into that (thank goodness!).