Processing documents when User's status is Inactive


  1. According to the [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]Page No. 175 of TradingNetworksUsersGuide.pdf (“Disabling the Partner’s Profile - Changing the status to Inactive” section) - When we disable a partner’s profile then we should not be able to exchange documents with that partner. It says - a message is logged in activity log, processing status is set to “ABORTED”, email is sent to administrator and HTTP 403 is returned if document was sent using HTTP.
    Question is are these done by TN or should we explicitly do all these when our (custom) package is supposed to exchange documents with users?
  2. This is also related to the first one. In our packages we have written processing rules which will call our flow services when documents are submitted to TN based on its document type. If a user’s status is “INACTIVE” should we not process these documents? Or is it ok to process it since the processings are happenning only based on the document type and so should not depend on the users transacting? [/size][/font]

[SIZE=2]Thanks in advance,
Sriram Kumar

Hi Sriram,

The answer to your question “are these done by TN” is Yes, done by TN automatically, when your partner posts the document to TN by invoking the service

You wrote “In our packages we have written processing rules”.
When you create the processing rule using TN Console, it gets written in TN DB and not in your package.
In this processing rule, you write which flow service in your package TN should invoke.

Also, when you wrote "If a user’s status is “INACTIVE”, did you mean when a partner’s profile is “INACTIVE/Disabled”?

  • Bhawesh.

TN will ABORT such documents. Your services invoked by processing rules will never see them.

Thanks Rob, thats true and that is what is expected according to the user guide but actually in our scenario TN is actually not aborting these documents. As i said before, we have a processing rule and so a custom flow service is called based on the incoming doc type. Since the call is being made to our custom flow service, we process the document successfully. The question is, "Is the TN allowing the call to our flow service because the processing rule is based (only) on the document type? (and so the user’s status is not considered?) " This particular type of handling the documents based on the document type (when the user’s status is set to inactive) is not mentioned in the user guide, so wanted to check with you all if it is working expectedly or is an abberation?

Thanks Bhawesh for the reply. As i mentioned in the other reply, in our case the message is being processed successfully since we have written a processing rule. As u have mentioned, the TN is indeed calling our (custom) flow service even though the user’s status is “INACTIVE”. But is it correct because the documentation says TN would abort it. Is it allowing it because the processing rule is based on the document type ? (Should it take into consideration of the user’s status too or not?)

Yes you are right, i meant the user’s status as “INACTIVE” when the partner’s profile is “INACTIVE/Disabled”.

Sriram, there might be some other rule that is getting selected and invoking your custom flow service.

But, there isnt any other rule that can call my custom flow service.

If routeXml or routeBizdoc is used instead of receive, security checks are bypassed including the check for an inactive profile.

Thanks Rob, that answers the question. We are infact using routeFlatFile.

Hi Sriram,
If you want TN to do the security checks (to post the doc partner has logged in with the its userID or not, profiles are active or not…), in your Gateway service use instead of routeFlatFile to post to TN.

  • Bhawesh.

You can also use the (undocumented) service which is the service that does all the checks Bhawesh mentioned.

Thanks Bhawesh and Rob, for your useful comments. Will try them out.