Processing a Flatfile of size 131KB

Hello everybody!!!

Can anybody tell me how much time does WM Developer takes to process 131KB of Flat File to insert into Oracle Financials.

I do have transformers inside the LOOP for Lines.

I LOOP for One Header and I have I think 2500 lines for that single header. I am looping through the Document.

I have two DEV Instances of WM. I can load the same file from WM 6.1 very fast and the same file and same program takes more than 1 hr to load. I still point to the same databas.

Can anybody please help me solve this issue!!!

Thank you very much in advance.


I tuned my program by following the guidelines from previous post on performance issues. I just can run my program in just 30 seconds instead of 1hr. I removed unnecessary transformers, dropped unnecessary variables, documents etc… and the program works fine.

Anyhow Thank you very much for the posts on performance issues.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!