Processes not showing up in the “Unassociated Event Maps” tab


I am using my webMethods portal, with Optimize 6.5 on a Windows machine.
I created some webMethods processes using the Modeler 6.5, I send documents on the IS, documents that are triggered by my processes, but the processes don’t appear in the “Unassociated Event Maps” . I have no errors in the DataHandler logs.
Normally, the document is captured by the Process Tracker and I should have the business process that I created under the “Unassociated Event Maps” category.

When I create external processes with the Modeler and I send documents that are triggered by these processes, they show up under the “Unassociated Event Maps” category.

Then, in the Process Instances tab I can see process instances for the 2 types of processes: webMethods and externals.

Do you have some ideas on solving this problem concerning the webMethods processes?
I would really appreciate it.

Thanks, Andreea

Hi all,

I have recreated all the BAM database tables and now the processes are showing up in the “Unassociated event map” tab, from the KPI Configuration, Business Data.



Your are blazing new trails with My webMethods / Optimize 6.5. Not too many folks have had a chance to dig into that yet.

Your best bet, which I’m sure you have done already, is to submit a Service Request to WM Support.