Process upload and package structure


I wish to upload a process for execution from designer, but to a specific folder in an already existing package in the integration server. Is this possible? What are the steps involved?



What I understood from the post is that you already have a package in IS and you want to build and deploy process in Designer and generated services should go into already existing package… if this is correct assumption then YES its possible.

Click on the process and then go to Properties -> Advanced -> Run Time and there you can mention the name of the already existing package in “Generated Package Name”.

After you build and deploy the process components will be created in a subfolder named like _.

Hope this helps.


I imported one business process model from the webMethods modeler 6.1 repository C:\wM610\Servers\RepoV3 to the Designer 7.1.2. I did not get Build option and it is in disabled status. I would like to know where is the option in designer to choose or generate flow services for the business process.
I configured process audit database in designer. Any other settings that i missed to do in designer?
Nagaraj Ramanan :uhoh:

shot in dark : did you try to switch to process developer perspective in Designer?

Thanks Sumit, I am now able to see the Advanced options in process developer perpective. I am having another issue. Option for Designer is not coming up while downloading the webMethods 7.1.2 components for Windows 64 bit OS. I am able to download and install the Designer 7.1.2 in Windows 32 bit machine. Any comments or information regarding this?

Nagaraj Ramanan

Check system requirements pdf from advantage.
Is designer supported for 64 bit OS windows?

As per system requirements document, not possible to download and install the designer in win 64 bit OS.

Nagaraj Ramanan

Ya that answers your question, probably they will support in next release.