Process status shows as Waiting


I have a process model like the following

Step A - - subscribes to an IS document
StepB - - Processes this document,Out put is endFlag
StepB can go to Step C or Step D based on the endFlag.
StepC - - just logs some information
StepD- - subscribes to another document.
From StepD process goes to StepE.
StepE - - do some processing

I have correlation services at Step A and StepD.
join type for StepD is AND.

If Step C is invoked, Process Status in the Monitor should be Completed
If StepD is invoked, it will wait for another IS document( basically a wait step).

My problem is

When Step C is invoked, In monitor,
In details - - process status is Completed
But in StepStatus - - StepB shows completed and Step C shows Waiting

Can you suggest me, whats happening.


Hi Yarkar,

can you please explain me how to achieve correlation services. The documentation from webMethods advantage is not clear.

If your problem is solved, please do post the solution.

Sivananda R