Process Monitoring disabled in MyWebmethods server

Hello Experts,

We are using WM 712 & MS SQL as back end DB. I ran the “PROCESS_ARCHIVE_START_PROCESSARCHIVE” stored procedure as below to delete huge data from SQL server management studio. It was executed successfully & deleted the data. But from that moment onwards, MyWebmethods server disabled monitoring the process instances. So it stops monitoring the business process instances. I want to enable monitoring of business processes. Please shoot your suggestion/solutions.

@p_retaindays = 60,
@p_retaindate = null,
@p_action = ‘DELETE’,
@p_status = 2,
@p_batchsize = 100

Hi Akash,

any messages in the logs?

Are you sure that there should be some data displayed?

Can you check the tables in the database directly?


Hi Holger von Thomsen,

Thanks for your quick response.

No data is displaying in WMS. I checked the tables (Ex: WMPROCESS) as you mentioned & tables contain data.

Sp_Result.txt (985 KB)

Hi Akash,

can you try to do an advanced search with the following parameters:

  • Processes: All
  • Status: All
  • Date: Custom

Leave the other fields blank.

This search may take some time (depend on the amount of data), but at least should show some processes.

If this does not help, increase the Log-Level for the Monitor-Factories in IS and retry.

Hopefully you will get some clues why the data is not retrieved or displayed.

Did you try to restart your IS and MWS meanwhile?
This sometimes solves strange behaviour.

Can you provide exact FixLevels for IS, MWS and Database schema:

  • IS: IS-Core, Monitor
  • MWS: MWS-Core, Monitor-UI
  • Database-Schema: the versions can be found in the table COMPONENT_EVENT


Hi Holger von Thomsen,

I tried below Advanced search. I am able see the transactions till the date which I ran the Archive stored procedure.

Restarted IS,but no luck.


If I understood the issue correctly, you are unable to view/monitor the business process instances which are trigger recently (say for a week till date)

Can you share the screen shot of WmMonitor home page

Hi Akash,

archived data cannot be viewed by regular monitoring pages (there might be an exception for TN/B2B, where you can select, which portion you want to search, but this one is not available in all wM Versions).

And if there is no traffic reported for the actual day (the predefined default query) you will have to use the advanced search to find the data newer than the last retained archive date.