Process Model subscription trigger with Destination type as Topic


When we are generating the process model with “receive protocol” as “JMS”, by default it is taking the destination type as QUEUE and creating the JMS subsciption trigger. (and creates a QUEUE on the broker as well)

Is there any way that we can generate a process model which will create a JMS trigger with destination type as TOPIC instead of QUEUE? Are there any process/server level parameters which we need to change to have this done?


It is just the name of the destination ends with SUBQUEUE. You can still define and set Destination Type as TOPIC or QUEUE.


Hi Senthil,

Thank you for the response. However I have few more questions :).

Where do I need to this change (changing the destination type as QUEUE or TOPIC)? is it in the subscription trigger that gets created when we generate the process model? But this will be a manual change that we need to do after process model is generated which cannot be done in production scenario.

Can we have the process model itself generate the TOPIC destination instead of QUEUE? I tried to explore the classes in the jar file which does this package and triggers creation on IS but could not figure out much of it. (com.webmethods.process.generator.jar)


Hi Bhaskar,

Unfortunately, Designer cannot be configured to generate TOPICS rather than QUEUES for process models in currently released versions.

This ability to choose destination as part of the properties of the model is being added in our upcoming 9.0 release.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause in the meantime.

Best regards,

Thank you very much for the response Michael…! As of now we are going with QUEUE subscription model :).