Process Model not being started by TN document

Is there any specific configuration that needs to be done to invoke a process model from a TN document? I have done the following steps:

  1. In process model, I have ONE step. Only input is a subscription to a TN X12 4030 850 document.
  2. I have already defined the Instance ID to create the Conversation ID at the txn set level. This value is being generated and I see it in the txn analysis

When I submit the document, everything occurs normally, EXCEPT the process never gets invoked at all. Despite the fact that the X12 4030 850 has a conversation ID and the fact that I have subscribed to the document in my process model(yes, its generated and available for monitoring).

Everything is configured to write to DB.

Am I missing something??

I have also noticed from the server log that it appears the X12 Envelope is what is being submitted to the PRT, not the X12 4030 850. This is why the process model isnt being invoked, but why is the Envelope being submitted and not the 850 itself??

hi guys ,
i am new to webmethods

  1. I want to know the difference between Trading Network Server and Trading Network Console
  2. Does Trading network directly handle pub/sub of documents with IS ?
    3.what is the concept of broker in IS?
    thank you in advance,


Trading Networks Server:is the add-on component of IS server which manages the transactions Externally/Internally and stores transactions data in database

Trading Networks Console:Its a tool which will connects to TN Server and using this Console we can monitor/track and route any Transactional documents to External Partners or internal Trasactions (like different business units)etc…

For better understanding take a look into TNConsole/doc/wMTN_BuildingYourNetwork.pdf

Broker handles pub/sub mechanism with in Enterprise and now in version IS6.0 sever, both IS/Broker are merged with eachother.


can we stick to the topic please??? im expecting to get an answer to my issue not see posts about elementary topics covered in the manuals and brochures… thanks

Sorry Jim,Its my mistake of replying above.

thanks ,RMG
i am sorry for the that questions

check the following server extended setting

it must be like that : watt.server.auditStore=database

hi guys
i am new to webmethods can any one tell me
what is the difference between Active works and Enterprise Server
i will really appreciate

Oh Canada… We stand on guard for thee…

webMethods bought the Enterprise Server (broker) technology from a company called Active Software back in 2000. (see middle of the page)

hi guys
i am using TN and i am creating Users for TN Administration
but when i click (drop down list ) i cant find any TNAdministrator
in that group ,and i already had TN,TNweb,TNsample installed.
i will appreciate if u guys help me out

This can be caused by some initialization error. Are there any errors while loading the WmTNxxx packages ( raise the log level to something higher than 4)? You can create the groups and ACLs manually.
In my case the aclxxx.cnf files in the config directory were missing all TN services too. I fixed this by copying them from another environment.

hi Jim Morales
I met the same problem as yours.did you resolve the problem!
If you succeed,pls tell me why!!thanks a lot!

I honestly dont know what causes or fixes this problem… Just experienced this again in our PRD environment, with a model that had been working for quite some time… Did a reboot of IS over the weekend and all of a sudden, no documents were being submitted to PRT…

I did the following to get it to work, but I cant guarantee this works:

  1. reload WmPRT package
  2. Restart broker

And it started invoking the models again. Not sure what was broken or how to fix… Its possible the reboot of IS caused some link to fail, because we did NOT reboot broker.

hope this helps

hi Jim Morales
I resolved this problem.But perhaps my problem does not same as yours.
It is because that the Join Type of “Wait for ENdoc” step in my process model was wrong.
thank you very much.